Review: L. A. Peach – ‘Welcome To L. A. Peach’ EP

Led by the band’s eccentric mastermind and lead vocalist John James Davies, enigmatic London four-piece L. A. Peach release a brand new four-track EP called, ‘Welcome To L. A. Peach’.

Thriving on Doing What is Unexpected

It becomes clear almost immediately on ‘Welcome To L. A. Peach’ that L. A. Peach have their own unique sound. It quickly separates them from many of their immediate contemporaries, which is probably deliberate.

Throughout the EP’s runtime, the London collective thrive on doing what is unexpected of them. Undoubtedly, many radio heads will not get their vibe, not at first anyway. L. A. Peach’s sound is distinct, and it’s easy to see them being divisive.

At times, the band’s instrumentation on ‘Welcome To L. A. Peach’ can sound too casual, too trippy or overly affected. There are instrumental moments on the EP that scream for precision and attack, instead of more posturing. Having said that, every track on ‘Welcome To L. A. Peach’ is formidably boosted by the four-piece’s outright charm.

The band’s lead singer John James Davies oozes natural charisma. His showmanship and routine attention-grabbing keep the EP’s more era-specific ideas from sounding dated. Davies is very much a modern frontman, and so his presence tethers the band firmly to the present day.

‘Welcome To L. A. Peach’ benefits when the collective make use of band member Olivia K Morgan’s saxophone skills. The EP’s several sax solos successfully shake up and re-jig all of the songs on which they feature.

Oddball Pop Magic

Possibly the EP’s most indulgent song, lead single ‘Power Trip’ is shamelessly suggestive and kitsch. It’s dizzying lyrics feature a pearl-clutching titbit in nearly every other line.

Davies delights in unreservedly purring his way through the beach-ready pop tune. ‘Power Trip’ is hardest to resist when it picks up momentum and unfurls rounds of cascading balmy guitar melodies over its choruses.

Seductive guitar licks are also scattered over dreamy highlight single ‘Amateur’. The track is encased in them, and an oddball pop magic is generated.

This song’s production feels particularly fluid. L. A. Peach’s differing singing and instrumental contributions come together appealingly on ‘Amateur’. The band’s saxophonist Olivia K Morgan’s ghostly vocal contributions in particular, upgrade the whole tune.

Photo: Luke Tapley
Photo: Luke Tapley

Daydreamy, Chilled Sonics

‘Bottomless Brunch’ is a blissful highlight. It’s entire execution is soulfully romantic. The band’s harmonies on the pop, soft-rock number are lush. Once again, L. A. Peach’s Olivia Morgan’s graceful singing sweetly pads ‘Bottomless Brunch’ out.

It’s satisfying to hear frontman Davies careen through the track’s eyebrow-raising lyrics, because they often amicably challenge the song’s daydreamy and chilled sonics.

The theatrical and showy ‘Forever Don’t Sound Long’ is a gradual, very unique pop rock ditty. The track features hypnotic harmonies that float in and out of the song, and support its choruses.  

John James Davies’ lead vocals take centre stage throughout its duration. His contribution is more a like a performance, and it’s delivered with a whiff of refinement.

It’s sometimes hard to tell whether listeners should be laughing or crying to ‘Forever Don’t Sound Long’. It’s the kind of track a listener can envision the music video for, long after it has stopped playing.

Picks: ‘Bottomless Brunch’ and ‘Amateur’.

Photo: Luke Tapley

Find L. A. Peach on Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter and at their website

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