Review: BEA – ‘Dual Natures’ EP

Released earlier this month, 21-year old London-based artist BEA’s debut six-track EP ‘Dual Natures’ was inspired by the rush of creative freedom BEA experienced when she moved out of the capital during lockdown.

Adventurous and Boundless

The EP’s lead single ‘Blue Escape’ basks in an adventurous and boundless energy. BEA’s vocals are pleasantly harmonised, echoed and layered throughout the song.

Admittedly, its immediate, on-a-mission instrumental feels a little separated from the rest of the mostly downtempo track list.

Included at the end of the EP, Larko Joy’s remix of ‘Blue Escape’ is a clinical, precise and foreboding piece of low-key stomping electro. The remix’s off-kilter elements are gleefully blown apart and rearranged.

Peppered with playful and unannounced production flourishes, its tricks are its driving force.

The EP’s second single ‘Let Me Down’ is more paced, and finds BEA dissecting her dissatisfaction within a relationship. The track’s sparse, acoustic introduction is ultimately undercut by a muddier beat. These beats go on to support a committed vocal performance from BEA.

A Mysterious Aura

Squeezing the most from its mysterious aura, ‘Evelyn’ starts with a smattering of cinematic strings, and dramatic guitar sounds. ‘Evelyn’ is built around a cooed refrain, which automatically becomes memorable.

‘Evelyn’ is a highlight. The song contains some of the EP’s most arresting lyrics. BEA is heard soberly singing, “I don’t want to know another way / So please don’t leave us for the better place / You know there’s only so much one can take”.

‘All My Love’ is a delicate track. The song’s instrumental is intimate, forlorn and gradual. Stalwart singing from BEA combine with dramatic backing vocals, which swirl in and around the songstress’ lead.

After a spacious and mournful introduction, the EP’s title track, ‘Dual Natures’ sleekly breaks out with a pacier, fractured electronic beat for its choruses.

‘Dual Natures’ immediately sets an atmospheric mood, and the track stays faithful to it as BEA proceeds to sing about relationship estrangement.


‘Dual Natures’ is a collection of intricate, textured and reflective pop, soul and electronic songs.

BEA certainly makes her mark. ‘Dual Natures’ is packed with ideas. Some of them feel almost too polished, and nuanced for a debut EP.

Overall, BEA’s presence on ‘Dual Natures’ is unpretentious and earthy. BEA impacts as undeterred, defiant even, in the eye of the project’s prolonged turmoil.

The track list does not provide much immediate fun. Yet, the EP manages to stay attractive.

‘Dual Natures’ is often upfront and vulnerable at the same time. This constant trade-off between hard and soft gives the entire EP a lasting allure.

Listen to BEA’s debut EP ‘Dual Natures’ here

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