I Got To Interview Roll Deep: So I Ask Them About Being Labelled ‘Sellouts’ And How’d They’d Handle A Public Racist Rant

After years being a staple in the UK Grime scene, rap collective Roll Deep have morphed into a well-oiled pop machine with two UK number single under their belts ‘Good Times’ and ‘Green Light.’ The group are looking to follow up their mainstream success off the back of another line-up change, with group co-founder rapper Wiley out and singer Tania Foster in.

With the release of new single ‘Picture Perfect’ out this month and an album due to drop later in the year crew members Tania, J2K, Breeze, Brazen and Flo Dan sat down with TaleTela to talk about their new chapter, online racist rants and Tania plays Buff, Marry, Kill with the men in the group…