Picture Credit: Wilhelm Gunkel

I call myself Samson Pharaoh, and I’m from London, UK.

I’m a writer, and I funnel that ability into journalism, blogging and reporting. I’ve been around the block a bit, my first post on this platform was in 2011.

This site features examples of my past work, interviews that I have been fortunate enough to blag, reviews of my favourite things and just general entertainment stuff.

The function of the site has changed over the years, nowadays it’s more of an online showcase of what I do and have done as a writer.

LinkedIn: samsonpharaoh

There’s a slew of other music things I’ve written at:

Hubpages: @samsonpharaoh

Feel free to look around, and forgive me for any older content.

Make contact using the reply box below. If I leave my email on here, I’ll get spam – you know how it is.


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