Single Review: Wavy Jones – ‘They Won’t Be Home For Christmas’


Recorded on Christmas Day, ‘They Won’t Be Home For Christmas’ is the lead single from US production outfit Wavy Jones’ upcoming album ‘as we stand amongst ourselves’ – due out next month.

Spearheaded by the group’s newest member, old Major (real name Noah Stewart), the track is a warm R&B-influenced instrumental, enhanced by ambient elements and touches of trap.

Without a trace of self-pity, the tune is encased in reflective, lonesome atmospheres and melancholy synths.

Because of this textured backdrop, ‘They Won’t Be Home For Christmas’ easily provides depth – so vocals aren’t ever really needed to flesh things out.

After its midway point however, towards its climax, the track’s hip-hop roots shuffle further into the spotlight.

Steely, impactful, cutthroat beats blend with the instrumental’s searching, wandering, lost tones.

This balance is alluringly maintained throughout the cut’s duration – and is in many ways the reason for its success.

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