I Interview: Kreayshawn About Her Leaked Naked Pics, N-Word Controversy

Kreayshawn has been on the lips of many this year, since coming to the world’s attention via YouTube with the track ‘Gucci Gucci’. Now signed to Columbia Records the 22-year-old has been the subject of more than 16 million YouTube hits and the target of hackers, critics and Rick Ross. Accused of being a racist, a one hit wonder and a fraud, Kray like many of the biggest artists of the last few decades has created much controversy.

TaleTela wanted to set things straight once and for all and see what was behind the leader of LA’s The White Girl Mob. Kreay upon arrival was very chilled and almost child-like and continued to be as we talked about the VMA’s, the N-word and what the future holds for Hip-Hop’s most talked about new star….