I Chat To Sneakbo About Inspiring Drake’s ‘Take Care’, Chillin With Rihanna And Moving On From His ASBO

It seems South London rapper Sneakbo is looking for a bigger piece of the pie, stepping out with new track ‘Sing For Tomorrow’ in a fresh assault on the charts.

On behalf of I spoke to the 19-year old Jetski Wave star about inspiring Drake, hanging out with Rihanna and his loyal troop of hardcore fans…

Tell us a bit about new track ‘Sing For Tomorrow’ with L Marshall, it’s certainly more reflective with and eye for the charts – tell us about the song…

With ‘Sing For Tomorrow’ I was going through a rough time at the time and I just wrote about what I was going through. My friend that got a jail sentence, I wrote about what they were going through, and one of my mates who died in a car crash – I spoke about him. It just about coming from negative to positive, and just trying to make it from a bad area and I’m coming from Brixton where most of us don’t really make it – it’s either jail or people dying and I’m trying to do something positive so yeah…

So are you now looking to get a piece of that Tinie, Chipmunk or Tinchy Stryder kind of exposure?

Definitely, I think I’m looking for that mainstream.

What was the turning point where you said ‘I want the mainstream now’?

To be honest it’s just because of what I’ve been through in life, I’ve had a hard life growing up – I didn’t even live with my Dad or nothing, just with my Mum and she struggled. So if I could go mainstream and make a lot of money…that’s what I really wanna do. I don’t need people to respect me in the hood. I’ll go mainstream I don’t mind what anyone says.

You have worked with upcoming UK singer L Marshall a couple of times now, what’s that working relationship like – do you think he is the next big thing?

Yeah I think L Marshall is definitely the next big thing, I reckon he could even go to the US and be big over there. We got that connection and L’s just good man.

You’ve been added to the line-up of this year’s Wireless Festival, what can we expect from your performance, are you excited?

Yeah I am proper excited. The people that I feature on the songs – hopefully I’m going to bring them out on stage with me. I’ve never been Wireless so this should be a nice experience for me.

Is there anyone else on the line up that you are looking forward to seeing?

I’m looking forward to seeing Drake, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa…a lot of people, even Tinie Tempah.

You have a much talked about following of die hard fans, and now your going mainstream and I’m sure your hoping that they are gonna follow you – do you have any crazy stories or examples of their undying love?

Yeah, there was one time I was in – there are just different stories…I don’t – the crazy, crazy ones I can’t really say anything about them…

Come on…

Simple things like, I’ve been at Choice FM and they have waited outside for like four hours, even when I was in Nottingham some girls did some crazy things like at the hotel – I was drunk, they were meant to drop me back at my hotel but instead (laughs) because I was so drunk they took me to their house and I was…on the Jet Ski wave…

(Laugh) You don’t want to say anymore about that?


Drake is a big fan of your work, you hung out during his Club Paradise stretch in the UK. What was he like backstage, was he chilled? 

Drake was normal, he was just being cool, talking to me and showing me a lot of love. When we went to the after party he bought me a lot of bottles for me and my friends and that so I appreciated what he was doing, obviously because he is a big US artist I was just overwhelmed and that…

Do you have any tour stories? Did the two of you get up to anything fun? Any ladies?

The ladies, there were a lot of ladies…

I heard it was seven women to every one man around Drake…

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Those stories are just crazy but we had fun, someday I will be able to tell you them don’t worry…

(Laugh) OK, OK…what’s the possibility of a collaboration at some point between you two?

Right now we ain’t really spoke about that but hopefully we’ll definitely have a collaboration.

On YouTube a lot of people are saying Drake’s approval will go to your head. He literally said you inspired ‘Cameras’ and ‘Take Care’ arguably the two strongest tracks on that album, what do you think of that recognition?

Yeah, I’m happy with that, plus it didn’t even shock me really when he said ‘Cameras’ because I was listening to the track before he shouted me out and I heard a couple of my lyrics in it. I was happy that he even stated it.

You also tweeted a picture of yourself and Rihanna, how did you guys meet, what did you talk about?

Well me and Drake, it was the day of Drake’s show and we were just chilling backstage and we just talking, talking, talking. I asked her if I could get a pic and it was cool.

What were you guys talking about?


Is it really that X-rated?

Na, na it’s not that, I don’t really wanna say but Rihanna is a funny person man.

Interesting, obviously there are reports of her “going off the rails” and suffering from exhaustion – did you see any signs of that?

No, but I saw her dancing with a girl and…she’s just different, she’s just different…

Would you say she’s uninhibited, a free spirit?

Yeah, yeah, yeah definitely.

What’s your relationship with rapper Chipmunk nowadays?

I haven’t really spoke to him – I got him on BBM – but I ain’t really spoke to him much because he is proper busy doing stuff in Atlanta so I’m not really sure.

Late last year you were in the Daily Mail, who reported about that fact that you had breached your ASBO by threatening a mother and her child, what can you tell us about that period in your life? How have you grown since then?

I basically had no choice but to do this music thing, I was out of school and that, so I was just out on the roads getting in trouble and that. When I made this track called ‘Touch A Button’ that’s when I started getting all the radio and everyone’s interest.

The way I got my ASBO…it wasn’t for any crimes that I have done, it was for just being a known face in the area and they couldn’t solve any of the petty crimes. So they picked out the known faces and said “we’re gonna ban you from there, we’re gonna ban you from there” just so there were no more problems in the area. That’s all it is about my ASBO, but my life has changed from then so I doubt I’ll be getting into any trouble. I wouldn’t even have a reason to go back round those areas so it’s cool man.

Do you reckon England can actually do it this year at Euro 2012?

Yeah definitely. There are some big names and I reckon we can do it.

What did you think of the team’s last performance?

To be honest I didn’t watch it, but they way England are going on I reckon they can do it. I got the faith especially with Oxlade-Chamberlin I got the faith.

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